[Hobby/RevShare] Looking for a 2D Pixel Artist to partner with to develop a platformer. You can play a portion of the V-Slice right now. : INAT

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My ability and passion don’t lie in art right now and I’ve been running into hurdles from that problem, so I’m looking for someone to partner with.

You can play the V-Slice here

I’ve got the whole V-Slice concept laid out and a bit of the rest of the game. Things that need to be done aside from art still is a ton of level design, writing polish and a few more mechanics. I’m not very happy with the art right now and I need someone with way more skill than me to polish it up.

I’m not stringent on the art that’s been done, it’s just to get the idea across!

V-Slice art:

  • 8 Bit Tilesets and Character Animations

  • 16 Bit Pixel Art for a story moment

  • Higher Res Pixel Backgrounds

This project is in no rush right now, I want it to be as good as it can be before releasing it. I’m a student and this is my passion project right now, I can’t really pay you so I’m hoping I can find someone that can feel the same passion for this game as I can. You don’t just have to be an artist you can level design, write, anything! Game development is really hard when you have to wear all the hats yourself and I hope to make something beautiful one day.

If you’re interested I’d be glad to talk to you!

You can contact me here, on discord (Keylogic#9301) or email – theaavagames@gmail.com

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