Looking for a 3D Modeller and 3D Animator (medium skill) (paid~ish) : INAT

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I am a programmer, working on an FPS in Unity. I suck at 3D modeling and animating, so now I only use premade assets, that can’t be used in a published project. Therefor, I am looking for anyone interested in working on a robot/high tech themed First Person Shooter.

The Payments are donations, as the game is free. You will not be paid by me, but by people donating. If you have any donation platform, such as patreon, it will be linked anywhere appropriate.

Many player animations will be handled in mixamo, so the animation part will mostly be first person and enemy animations.

Most things will be robot themed, so you don’t have to make any realistic humans.

Keep in mind this is a hobby project and i do not work full time 😉

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