Need 2D artist for Action RPG inspired by JRPGs such as Final Fantasy games (Collab) : INAT

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Hi, I’m working on a story driven dark fantasy Action RPG with some JRPG influence. I’m looking for a 2D artist to assist me with graphics (demo & target graphics linked below).


  • Can replicate the art style of the graphics linked below with a similar quality (important as our works need to match).

  • Can finish at least 1 character/creature per week (or 9 days max occasionally). That’s 2 sprites (front & back). We may occasionally need other things like vehicles which require ~3 sprites or simpler things like props which may require only 1.

  • Can draw types of content found in T rated games.

  • Availability for communication during the week.

Mini-Demo of the current progress (put in 1080p if pos):

Target graphics:

We may earn some money if the project generates revenues in the future.

If you meet the requirements send me a mail to with a link to your portfolio or previous works, tell me how many times are you available during the week or month and your timezone.

Thanks for your attention 🙂

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