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We have a small kids brand and looking to find someone, preferably long term, that has experience in Rigging, Modeling, Retopo, Texture Painting, and (ideally) animating.

All final products will be delivered for use in Blender.

We have a cast of characters that were previously modeled for printing that we would now like to create rigged versions that we can use for animation. Some remodeling of the characters will be necessary to get them ready to rig for animation.

Creating good clean models (including texture and texture painting as needed) with full rigs and controls is key. Ideally you can animate as well, but not necessary.

We would like to find someone for a long term business relationship. This is not full time work, but we would love to be able to go back to the same person or team for all our future modeling and and rigging (and maybe animation) work.

We strongly prefer artist in the US (makes business and taxes easier), but open to Europe, Australia, and a few other locations as well. We use MSAs (Master Service Agreements) and SOWs (Scope of Work). Payments can be via paypal, ACH, or various other methods, but you must be able to invoice for your work.

If you are interested, please send me a private message (not a chat request) with a link to your portfolio, as well as your rate. Or if you have any questions.


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