[Rev-Share / Hobby] Programmer seeking Writer and Artist for Adult Visual Novel / Game : INAT

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The game is to be a fairly standard “protagonist ends up having lots of sex” erotic VN with explicit images.

Writers need to be comfortable with multiple-path narratives catering to different sexual preferences. Artists need to be comfortable producing pornographic images.

I can code; I’ve written interfaces for POS card readers, I’ve written a fleet tracking system from GPS inputs through GIS processing (including address resolution) to a dashboard interface and email notification system. Both of those solo. I’ve customized and extended commercial system interfaces well beyond what the vendor said was possible. And now I’ve gotten myself up to speed with RenPy specifically. Still, this is a first effort for the experience, and I have little expectation of profit. Whatever profit results (if any) would be split equally (less Patreon’s cut, and any currency exchange fees, etc.), but it’s probably best if you consider this first one ‘for fun’.

I should also mention that I’m a middle-aged male. Given the subject matter, I’ll feel a lot less creepy if the people I’m working with are 21 or older, so please don’t respond if you’re younger.

Finally… this is my third try posting this on r/INAT. Reddit has for reasons unknown been shadowbanning the alts I’ve created for this job. This account seems to have escaped that fate so far, but if you’re inclined to respond, maybe wait until the post is a few hours old rather than waste your time because this account gets targeted as well.

Writer found (tentative), still in search of an artist

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