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Hello all,

I'm a developer working on a minimalist Fighting Game. I'm a professional in non-game programming and I'm looking to make a project to pull me into this world. Until now games I have made have been for myself, hobbies, but I'm looking to make my first commercial game. As I work a day job, I wouldn't want you to work full-time.

The game has a tight scope and therefore would not require a insane amount of work like most fighting games do but I at least want to ape the quality of a medium budget game, so I'm still looking for high quality work. (We are talking >10 animations per character and a handful of characters, although I am aware of the time it takes to create a single one.)

I would be looking to hire an artist in 3-6 months so this would not start immediately. You would be provided with concept art and create a sprite-sheet based on it. Ideals are near realistic proportions and a european graphic novel/anime art style, but I am open to change this if it suits a desirable artist, so pitch what you'd like.

Payment would be per piece hourly and upfront, if you wish to take a rev share in order to reduce your hourly rate that is most welcome.

If you are interested please contact me via email bradstap(at), PM or discord Pepperized#5784

Thank you for your interest.

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