Pixel art for TANGARIA GAME tile set

Digital drawing of magic obects — tree, jar, cross, shelf, furniture, torch etc for roguelike game http://tangaria.com
✿ Link to this channel: http://youtube.com/kreatin
🎨 My art gallery: http://9go.ru
✔ List of my YouTube channels: http://ENTR.ru

Hi, this is art channel by self-taught artist, who draw and paint with almost all kind of materials (pencil, pen, watercolors, marker, isograph, ink, pastel, acryl, oil paints etc) and love sharing artistic wisdom. It is proved by our experience that you can start drawing from zero at the age of 30 and can teach yourself using youtube videos and books to get pretty inspiring results! How to start drawing and painting? What art supplies to buy? How to mix colors? We wll discuss all this basic questions and much more. Also you’ll be able to watch time laps videos of drawing and painting proccess.

New videos every single week! Please feel free to comment and ask any questions. Subscribe if you like!

Authors: #Shtukensia & igroglaz

#ShtukensiaDrawings #РисункиШтукенции


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