KillDatBox [UNITY]

This one we made it in kind of game competition in our collage , the competition period was only 6 hours , our team was 4 members including me the theme was about TIME so you had to get an idea and develop it in 6 hours So every one was making games that you have to finish some riddle in some time BUT we made something pretty cool .. THE GAME : we made a 2D fighting game . each player cant really move normally It's like he's in some planet that doesn't have any gravity so he's floating around .. BUT ! he has a gun so you can rotate clockwise and anti clockwise and try to aim for the enemy mean while the gun has reaction of course , there you get it ! yep he moves with the reactions of his gun , So if he aimed for the enemy so he would move backward , So you have to try to aim for your enemy with your gun ..meanwhile dodging his bullets with also the shots of your guns and move around with it , also you have a turtle shield in the back so you can rotate and block the bullets ! , pretty a lot huh ? , but... you said the theme was about time , where is the time in that game ? well that's the SURPRISE ! , we made and ultimate that you gain by Hitting the enemy 3 times , the ultimate is that you can go back In time (REWINDING) the last 3 seconds , you're health , position , rotation and see it visualized in front of your eye ! , so you can dodge now his bullet with this and also If you're almost dead don't worry just go back in time and fix what is broken !

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