Pac man 2 Players C++/sfml

This was the first game that I made , we wanted to make it c++ so we searched for any library to make games with we ended up with sfml ( don't try it to make games trust me xD) Well the game simply a pac man , we wanted to start developing games so we choose basic game to start with (we later found that it wasn't easy because of ghosts algorithm) GAME PLAY : It has the simple 1 player mode and the 2 players cool mode that we made ( not cause we made nono don't say that !) the 2 players are actually playing with each others to compete the level not vs , every one has some points that he has to finish it in order to compete the level , but we made the Ghosts chasing algorithm is pretty hard to make sure that you have to cooperate to beat the game so the ghosts are focusing the one with the higher points and when you're in danger you should be smart and run away without taking any further points mean while your friend has to notice and help you to get more points so that the ghosts start chasing him and let you alone to catch some breath O.O so you and your friend should have a pretty good communication , or you can play with your alter ego that's make it easier TECHNICAL : the technical in the game was all about the ghosts cause they chase you with shortest path where ever you go , So we implemented A* algorithm , It's a Ai shortest path algorithm,

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