Portfolio: 17th July 2018

Below is a list of musical creations and works in progress (labelled as WIP) as of the 17th of July 2018, with links to each of them. Islas song: https://clyp.it/uupolaap?token=e2e17ad65377694d0cd9291a9d96acf5 , Into Dispair [WIP]: https://clyp.it/ycdmg0kb?token=30ba62f50eb264e4ddfe1e83e57e1c55 , Guardian of the Valley: https://soundcloud.com/christian-royle/guardian-of-the-valley-1/s-0rFSc , Intense orchestra piece [WIP]: https://clyp.it/kiom5lwh?token=5313d2928d9e14a953234325abe8c9ad , Rhea's Song [WIP]: https://clyp.it/f3kps3tj?token=5649422358bb78b4df8722b3e08999fa , Down the Rabbit Hole [WIP]: https://soundcloud.com/christian-royle/down-the-rabbit-hole/s-5EB42 , Menu Theme: https://soundcloud.com/christian-royle/menu-theme-2/s-ye8m0 , Spirit Train: https://clyp.it/1phfmpfw?token=9e65aa97492a9d02ec56d42a2b261609 ,

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